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European Academy for Sailing Youth

The European Academy for Sailing Youth ( e a s y ) is a comprehensive development project and educational program for young athletes interested in competitive sailing.  e a s y  remains open, not linked to any nationality, association or location. It brings together young motivated athletes from various European countries for common training and racing while maintaining an individual approach and respecting individual needs. Our goal is the joy of racing and the joy of the results achieved. Through sport we are trying to overcome, move, and break down borders and build international friendship of youth and their families. We are dedicated to sailing mainly on modern sailboats that give the young more excitement and entertainment (O'pen BIC, 29er, etc.).


e a s y  goal for the saison 2016


Top event of the season 2015 and top achievements of  e a s y  sailors!

U19 World Chamipion

U13 World Champion

U13 World Vice-Champion

U13 Wolrd 4th Girl


Highlights of the  e a s y  2015 racing season - two European Champions, one European Vice-Champion and one Australian Vice-Champion (O´pen BIC Class)